Terms & Conditions for Pleasure Boat Rentals

1. General

The following general rental conditions apply as an attachment to the lease agreement, as with Rentnjoy as agents have been concluded between lessor and renter. Rentnjoy acts only as an intermediary, and is therefore only liable as such. The leasing of the objects that mediate Rentnjoy always takes place on the following conditions and constitute the foundation agreement between lessor and renter. Addendum to the lease agreement is only valid if presented in writing.

2. Booking and Payment

2.1 The lessor is bound by this agreement after a booking request is approved. With the approval, lessor accepts the renter and all the rules that apply to the lease.

2.2 Renter is bound to this agreement when the specified prepayment is paid. With the advance payment, the lessee accepts all of the provisions applicable to the lease.

2.3 The remaining payment must be paid 14 days before the agreed starting date.

3. Deposition

The renter pays a deposit as security for the indemnity, as the hirer may incur under this agreement.

4. Boat owners commitment

4.1 Availability
The boat shall be delivered at the agreed time. If the lessor, due circumstances beyond his control, such as failure or delay in arrival of former renter, or any other reason is unable to deliver the boat at the right time, the lessor shall:
– if possible, set equal boat to the renter disposal
– or refund the renter as much of the paid rent, which corresponds to the delay.

4.2 Equipment
The Lessor agrees to deliver the boat to the renter with full equipment according to inventory, operational and in clean condition, as soon as the renter through their signature acknowledged the accuracy of the inventory.

4.3 Insurance
The owner is responsible for ensuring that the boat is properly insured during the entire rental period. Insurance coverage, liability and deductible amount is determined by the conditions laid down by the owners insurance company. Insurance usually does not cover injuries on person, damages on proprietary equipment and luggage.

5. Lessee obligations

5.1 Lessee shall have sufficient knowledge to be able to drive the rented boat
in a satisfactory manner in the visited waters during the rental period. Would it during the rental period appear that the renter is not capable of handling the boat in a satisfactory manner, lessor owns the right to cancel the rental. The remaining rental amount is thereby forfeited.

5.2 Boat use
The renter undertakes to properly maintain the boat and associated equipment and follow the announced instructions and directions. The renter is responsible for the boat during the entire rental period. The renter is obliged to keep the boat locked at all times when he / she is not watching it. He also undertakes to only use the boat for pleasure sailing. The boat must not be used for racing, towing, transport of goods or transport of passengers for reward. (The prohibition does not apply dinghy towing or emergency). The renter is responsible for ensuring he complies with applicable laws and regulations. The boat may only be operated within the area bounded by insurance terms, compare Section 4.3. The renter agrees that neither sublet or assign this boat to a third party. The renter pays for all the fuel he / she uses. Boatman inform the renter of the type of fuel to be used. Renter is responsible for damages incurred due to usage of incorrect fuel. During the rental period, the renter is responsible for normal maintenance of the boat and motor spaces, such as maintaining safe levels of engine oil, coolant and battery fluid.

5.3 Return of the boat
Drop-off shall be made in the contract specified port and at the specified time. The boat shall be vacated on the crew and all the passengers’ luggage, and be well cleaned in same condition it was received. If the renter is unable to return the boat at the contracted time, he must immediately notify the owner or the sea rescue of the delay. Any delay will be charged the renter equivalent to double the contracted daily rental fee plus any following rental loss. Weather conditions can not be invoked as a valid excuse. If the renter does not return the boat in the contracted port, he is responsible for all costs and risks for the return shipment. Prior to that, he must in any case inform lessor and, if necessary pay the above compensation for the delay.

5.4 Dealing with fault, failure, fire or theft
Breakdown and loss of equipment during rental period shall immediately be notified to owner, who shall then provide instructions for action. It is the responsibility of the renter to set up a damage report to the owners insurance company and in the event of fire, theft of the boat or equipment, immediately notify the lessor. At negligence to fulfill obligations described above, the renter is responsible to the Lessor for the damage caused thereby. The renter is liable to compensate any loss of equipment or damage to the boat, unless they are not indemnified by the insurance minus the deductible. The lessee is relieved of responsibility for the damage or loss in case the renters insurance company or a guilty party pay the damages.

5.5 Interruption
In the event of time loss caused by damage to the boat, or the repair or replacement for which owner is liable responsible, serious obstacle to use the boat for more than 24 hours after notification shall be compensated pro data for lost time.

5.6 Sequestration, foreclosure
The renter owns not any right or authority to arrange, authorize or grant to the boat becomes coated with attachment respectively. taken in the measurement of any reason. The renter agrees that during journey bring a signed copy of the lease document and to submit these to the (those) person (s) that may be requested by the lien respectively distraint.

6. Cancellation

6.1 The paid rental amount is normally not refunded. Some refunds may occur depending on the owner’s cancellation terms, always with deductions for prepayment.

6.2 Lessee is entitled, that instead of cancellation, assign the lease to another person, if accepted by the owner.

6.4 Cancellation insurance is valid in the following cases, which may not have been known when the reservation was made:
a) death, illness or accident of a serious nature, affecting yourself, husband / wife, partner, family member or traveling companion;
b) call to the armed forces or civil defense,
c) the occurrence of a serious event beyond your control that could not be foreseen when the reservation was made, and that means that it is not reasonable to ask that the reservation must stand firm, for example, extensive fire or flood in residence.
d) It must be able to prove his with a certificate from eg doctor, authority or
insurance companies. Certificate should be sent to us as soon as possible, no later than one week after the date of cancellation.

7. Dispute

Any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, the parties shall resolve by agreement. If the parties are unable to agree, the dispute shall be settled by the courts. For the avoidance of doubt Rentnjoy shall in any dispute arising out of this agreement not in any circumstances be deemed to be a party to the dispute, or in any way involved in the dispute. Disputes arising from this agreement shall affect only the parties to this agreement. This agreement (including this section) shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law.

These Terms have been established by M.C.WITTE of Sweden AB March 2, 2012.