About Us

Founded in November 2011 and based in Göteborg, Sweden, Rentnjoy connects people who want to rent out recreational items with those who seek experiences during their leisure time.

Whether you are looking for a boat-, recreational vehicle or just somewhere to stay Rentnjoy community is all about that.

Guests are building personal relationship with the owner and get access to experiences to enjoy the environment at their destinations. Rentnjoy makes it easy to present offerings to a wide audience looking to hire the right recreational property at the right price bonus.

With Trust and Safety Rentnjoy builds the first rental platform for sharing boats, recreational vehicles and vacation homes. Get to know your Guest or Host and book with most secure and safe booking- and payment platform available.

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Markus is the founder of Rentnjoy with visions of sharing economy and the believe to make that lovely boating- and camping experience available for everyone. Discovering new ways of traveling a new possibilities to explore the beauty of our world has now been made available for everyone.