How To Take Great Photos!

Photos are a vital part of promoting your Rental on Rentnjoy, and help boost your chances of someone renting from you. Luckily, taking great photos is a skill that you can learn! So to help you stand out from the crowd, we’ve created a few simple guidelines to help you post the best photos.

Select A Great Cover Photo

The first image displayed in your Rentnjoy listing should be one that shows off the entire rental object, or its best feature! A photo of the entire object should be one of the best photos in the set. This photo should entice users to click into your listing from the search results.

Take Pictures In The Right Environment

This is where you want to really make your rental look like a place someone wants to spend time. We recommend starting with 2 exterior pictures; the first head on, the second showing its side. Both preferably in front of a gorgeous outdoor scene. And 4 interior pictures of items renters care about: the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and one of your best features

Focus On Your Rental, Use Simple Angles

Make sure the rental object is in focus. You can’t show off your rental if the renter can’t see what it has to offer. The purpose of adding photos to your listing is to show the rental to potential renters. It can be tempting to take photos with extreme or artistic angles but doing so will not display your rental in the best way. When in doubt, keep the photos simple and focus on what matters.

Clean Your Rig

Rental guests are more willing to rent something that’s well kept. So clean and put away stuff before it goes through a full photo shoot. This will make quite an impression and promote you. So show off how clean and beautiful your rental is in the photos you take.

Take Picture With Ample Lighting

When taking photos of your rental make sure there is plenty of light. Dark photos and heavy shadows do not do your rental any justice, so make sure to shoot photos in the best light possible – just as the sun is not glaring but glowing works best!

Present your surroundings in pictures

Guests are looking for something to rent to experience things in your surrounding. Show that you are a host who cares by presenting and writing briefly about activities around your area (eg. beautiful landscapes, attractions, restaurants, shops). Share your experiences!

Now that you know how to get the most out of your photos, go ahead and list your rental on Rentnjoy or update the photos you’ve already uploaded.