Anyone who rents out via Rentnjoy website is responsible that rented property has the adequate insurance during the entire rental period.

Rentnjoy provide in the current situation no additional insurance covering rental but we know how important the issue is for the owner. We share our knowledge so the owner can find the right insurance and we work preventative to avoid any injuries and fraud for all rentals made through our safe and secure booking- and payment system.


The insurance coverage, liability amounts and deductibles are determined by the conditions laid down by owners insurers. Insurance do not usually cover damages from the lessee’s personal, proprietary equipment and luggage. In these cases damages are covered by the tenant’s household insurance.

Insurance terms for rentals often varies between insurers so the owner should contact their insurance company to clarify the situation for his insurance. Most insurance companies allow boat rentals and holiday rentals against additional insurance, however, the owner shall be extra careful when letting of RV, motorhome or camper as they may require permit for commercial rental.

Rentnjoy partners with leading insurance companies in the development of additional insurance policies that supplement the owner’s basic coverage for private hire. Any additional insurance will be published on Rentnjoy.

In crime prevention issues, we work close with police and leading industry organizations
In case of any suspected fraud, we make a police report (may lead to prosecution) and exclude the user from Rentnjoy community.