The following is an explanation of fees assessed by Rentnjoy:

Service Fees

Rentnjoy charges service fees to the renter for each rental booked through www.Rentnjoy.com.
The fees are listed below:

– Renter Service Fee
15% of the total rental price will be charged the renter when a booking is completed. The payment includes Rentnjoy service fee viagra pris. All published prices includes Rentnjoy service fee. Renter’s bank may have fees that are outside Rentnjoy control (eg currency exchange and bank transfer fees). Rentnjoy accepts no liability for such costs.

– Owner Service Fee
Rentnjoy do not charge service fees from the owner. If owner use Rentnjoy payment service an one-time fee may be relevant. Owner’s bank may have fees that are outside Rentnjoy control (eg currency exchange or bank transfer fees). Rentnjoy accepts no liability for such costs.

Security Deposits

Rentnjoy will held a security deposit to cover any incidental damage or lost items. The security deposit will be returned 48h after the return of rental period. In the case a claim is filed by the owner, the security deposit will be held until the claim is resolved between the clients.

Applicable Fees

The following is an explanation of fees assessed by the owner:

Late Fees

If a renter returns the rental object after the agreed rental period end time, they will be charged a late fee by the owner. This late fee is calculated by the hourly rental rate (this rate is based on a prorated daily rental rate for that rental object for each hour the rental object is late). If the late return results in the disruption of another rental or if owner needs to find alternative transportation due to the late return, the renter will pay the full daily rate for every eight (8) hours the rental object is late and an additional €100 administrative fee. These charges will be added to the initial rental rate agreed upon by the owner and renter.

Extra Cleaning Fee

Returning a rented object with a “normal” amount of dirt is acceptable and will not result in any additional charges. However, if a object is returned covered with dirt, sand, trash, food, dirty dishes, not emptied toilet etc. and you do not clean the object prior to returning it, the renter will be charged an additional one-time administrative fee of €100. This fee will not be added to the rental if the owner has already included a cleaning fee as a part of their rental terms.

Administrative Event Charges

Toll, parking, speedig tickets etc. are not included in the rental and are paid by the renter.

No-Show Fees

If the owner does not show up to meet the renter and make the rental object available for the renter at the agreed upon rental start time, Rentnjoy will treat this as an owner cancellation. If a renter does not contact the owner to cancel the rental with Rentnjoy and the owner, the renter will be charged the total amount for the rental period until the issue is resolved. If the Renter is a no-show it will be treated as a Renter cancellation.

Refueling Fee

Make sure you discuss your fuel options before the rental begins. The gas tank should be full when you pick it up, but be sure to discuss expectations and options. You can agree to one of the three refueling options:
1. The owner includes fuel with the rental.
2. The renter refuels prior to the end of the rental. If the rented vessel is not refueled upon return, the amount will be then taken out of your security deposit plus a 40% administrative fee (maximum fee of €100).
3. The renter returns without fueling. The owner will then refuel the vessel and inform the renter who will either pay directly or the amount will be taken out of your security deposit (plus a 5% processing fee).

Damage/Lost Item Fees

The renter is responsible for any damage or loss of items during the rental period.
The renter is not responsible for any damage or loss due to deficiencies in the rented object or if the probability that the damage or loss was not caused by him through negligence.

In the case of any damage to fiberglass, cushions, cowlings, electronics, etc., the renter will be charged the actual cost of parts plus any hourly labor costs needed to repair the damaged item. Any damaged item shall be valued by an authorized workshop.

In the case an owner demand a custom rental contract (normal for companies using Rentnjoy services), this overrules the Rentnjoy contract.