Terms & Conditions for Recreational Vehicle Rentals


The following general rental conditions apply as an attachment to the lease agreement, as with Rentnjoy as agents have been concluded between lessor and renter. Rentnjoy acts only as an intermediary, and is therefore only liable as such. The leasing of the objects that mediate Rentnjoy always takes place on the following conditions and constitute the foundation agreement between lessor and renter. Addendum to the lease agreement is only valid if presented in writing.

1. Use of Vehicle

The vehicle shall by the renter be used for normal use within the announced country, otherwise written approval must be given by the owner.
The renter is held responsible if other person, belonging to his family, is using the vehicle. If other person will drive the vehicle, specific permission is required by the owner.
The renter is responsible that anyone who drive the vehicle is authorized to drive the vehicle.
The vehicle can be used outside agreed country only if owner has given written approval.
The renter is aware that his right to dispose the vehicle under a lease agreement immediately ceases if the vehicle, without written permission, is brought outside agreed countries. This means that the police / customs or other person acting in the interest of the lessor has the right to seize and detain the vehicle.
The renter is responsible for all costs the owner may suffer if the renter or his deputy has wrongfully brought the vehicle outside the countries without owner written approval.
The renter may not rent the vehicle to another party. Transportation by vehicle passengers or cargo for remuneration is not permitted. The vehicle must not be used to pull, push or otherwise move another vehicle. It is not allowed to use the vehicle in motor races.

2. Rent and delay in payment

The rent for the vehicle is listed on the first page of this agreement. The renter is responsible for that full rent is paid. In cases where the rental cost is to be paid by someone other than the renter, for example, billed entity, the hirer is yet responsible by his signature in solidarity to the rental expenses paid. The lessor has the right to request a deposit or advance payment of rent. The rent does not include the cost of fuel.
If the renter does not pay the rent on the due date, the letting is considered forfeit.

3. Late or non-delivery

The owner shall provide the vehicle at the agreed time. If the owner cannot comply with this, renter is entitled to a reduction of the rent corresponding to the delay, or if the delay is significant to him, cancel the contract. The renter is also entitled to compensation for proven damage he suffered as a result of the delay. The renter is not entitled to terminate the agreement if the owner immediately and without noticeable detriment to the renter provides another acceptable vehicle. Owner is free from liability if he can show that the delay is due to circumstances beyond his control that he could not reasonably have foreseen when the contract was entered into and the consequences of which he could not reasonably have avoided or overcome. Compensation is not payable for loss of business.

4. The vehicle maintenance

The renter is responsible for the vehicle to be well looked after and will ensure that it is maintained in good working condition and lawful. If the vehicle is used for longer mileage than 5000 kilometers (3000 miles), the hirer must ensure that the prescribed service inspections is made at authorized workshop with the entry in the service book. Owner shall disclose the odometer readings when such service inspection should take place. The cost of the inspection is replacement by the owner. The owner has the right to inspect the vehicle during the rental period, if he has reasonable grounds to believe that ownership is put in danger or significant risk of impairment exists, in addition to normal usage.

5. Dealing with faults, damage or theft

The renter shall, as soon as possible, notify the owner of defects or damage to the vehicle and any theft during the rental period. The owner shall, after such notification, notify the renter the actions to be taken. The renter may, however, without notifying the owner, performed repairs that are necessary for the driving of the vehicle if the cost does not exceed EURO 100 including VAT. Repair cost is replaced by the owner unless the renter bear the cost specified in paragraph 8. The renter must proof their own expenses with receipts or other satisfactory manner.
In insurance cases, the renter shall as soon as possible make a damage report to the owner. In case of theft of the vehicle and the damage to the vehicle caused by an unknown person, it is the responsibility of the renter to issue a police report at the place where the theft / damage occurred and send a copy of the notice to the owner. At negligence to fulfill the above, the renter is responsible towards the owner for the damage caused thereby.

6. Lessor’s liability for break or damage

Owner is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is in operable and lawful condition. The renter is entitled to a reduction of the rent if the failures due to vehicle condition or downtime occures under rental period. If this is of significant importance to him, the renter is entitled to cancel the contract. The agreement may not be terminated if the lessor without undue delay after being notified of the defect repair the vehicle or provide a replacement vehicle of the same or similar type as the leased and the lessee does not have any particular reason to reject the offer. The renter is entitled to reasonable compensation for the damage he suffered as a result of the incorrect vehicle. Renter must always justify their spending. Compensation is not payable for loss of business. If breakdown occurs due to traffic or vehicle damage, making it impossible to continue the journey or if the vehicle is stolen, the contract is canceled after the renter has contacted the owner and in case of theft even made the police report.

7. Lessee responsible for infringements of traffic and parking provisions

The renter is liable to the lessor for financial penalties because of violations of the traffic and parking regulations, which may affect the lessor as the owner of the vehicle. This does not apply if the offense caused by such defects on the vehicle neither aware for hirer or ought to know.
If the renter do not in due time pay any fines or charges caused by the violations for which he is responsible, but lessor as the owner of the vehicle is forced to pay them, the lessor is entitled to, in addition to a fine or fee, charge the renter a handling charge of EURO 15 including VAT for each infringement.

8. Lessee responsibility and liability for damage to or loss of the vehicle

The renter is liable to the lessor for the vehicle will not be damaged or lost during the rental period viagra priser.
The renter is released from responsibility for damage or loss due to defects in the rented vehicle or whether he might otherwise make it probable that the damage or loss was not caused by him through negligence. Lessee shall pay compensation to lessor for damage he is responsible for according to the following (if the damage is not covered by other insurance element):

Read more about FEES assessed by Rentnjoy.

At vehicle damage the renter is entitled to at his own expense as an alternative to replace lessor as above, in agreement with the lessor, to repair the damage professionally. In such case, the renter pay rent until the vehicle is repaired and returned to the lessor. The renter may against additional charge (claims cost reduction), the size of which appear on the first page of this agreement, reduce its liability for each injury moment. After such reduction hirer liability in the amounts including VAT listed in FEES within each damage step. If the driver is under 24 years and causing damage to the traffic an emanated “youth charge” of EURO 150 including VAT is added beyond what is stated above and whether the renter signed a damage cost reduction. When using the vehicle’s litigation insurance the renter is charged according the insurance company conditions, whether the injury cost reduction is subscribed. Damage cost reduction does not apply to damages occurring outside the owner’s country. Has lessor authorized the use in another country claimed cost reduction is extended to that country / countries. Damage cost reduction does not apply if the vehicle is stolen with the key. To apply the claim cost reduction, the hirer shall comply with regular obligations in case of damage, eg immediately make claims to the renter. At parking damage, or if another driver runs away, police report is required and if possible witness statements. Subscribed damage cost reduction disclaims do not free renter from liability for repair costs for damage caused by negligence, such as negligent loaded car, stained or damaged interior, broken controls and the like. If the vehicle upon return found neglected or soiled beyond what follows from normal use, lessor is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for the restoration of the vehicle.

9. Damage limitation

It is the responsibility of both the Lessee and Lessor to take reasonable steps to mitigate its loss. If he neglects it, he may bear a corresponding portion of the loss.

10. Return

The renter shall at lease expiration return the vehicle at the location where it was collected or in a place specially agreed. The renter has the right to return the vehicle before the end of the agreed rental period. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as at the start of rental apart from normal wear and tear. Lessor and Lessee shall, if possible, examine the vehicle to assess its condition. The return shall be made during normal trading hours of the lessor, unless otherwise agreed. If the renter does not return the vehicle under the agreement, he is always liable to compensate lessor the costs that were necessary to restore the vehicle to such a place where it can be used by the Lessor.
The renter is in addition required to pay additional rent under the agreement at the delayed return which does not fall to the owners responsibility to paragraph 6.
The lessor may not claim any authority in connection with the delay in the return of the failure to return the vehicle or to request a rental period is extended due to death, serious illness, or other similar circumstances. It is forbidden for criminal liability to use the vehicle after the rental period expires.

11. Lessor’s right of cancellation, etc.

Lessor has the right to terminate the contract if
a) Lessee fails to fulfill its payment obligations to the lessor and does not pay within a reasonable time after the owner or Rentnjoy reminded him of this
b) vehicle is subjected to abnormal operation or neglect so that significant risk of depreciation exists
c) Lessee otherwise override provision of this agreement, compliance with which is essential to the lessor.

12. Industry information list

Renter (and/or drivers) who violates above conditions, or otherwise cause damage to the owner is reported routinely to industry information lists. Information lists are distributed to affiliated car rental companies with recommendation not to rent vehicles to the list of persons specified.


Any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, the parties shall resolve by agreement. If the parties are unable to agree, the dispute shall be settled by the courts. For the avoidance of doubt Rentnjoy shall in any dispute arising out of this agreement not in any circumstances be deemed to be a party to the dispute, or in any way involved in the dispute. Disputes arising from this agreement shall affect only the parties to this agreement. This agreement (including this section) shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law.

These Terms have been established by M.C.WITTE of Sweden AB March 2, 2012.