Advertising Terms

1. General

These ad conditions (the ”Ad Terms”) apply when you as a user (”User”) entered into an agreement (”Agreement”) with M.C.WITTE of Sweden AB (Swedish organisation number 556871-4298) (”Rentnjoy”) for access to the service (”Service”) provided via the website (”Website”).

2. About Ads

Private ads are for individuals and businesses ads are for businesses. Rentnjoy reserves the right to assess when an ad is business-like and is then entitled to change the ad. If the advertiser disagrees with Rentnjoy it is up to the advertiser to prove the contrary. Only one rental item per ad is allowed and the advertisement should be placed in the category that best describes the ad.

3. Ad text

The title must describe the product or service and no links or company names are allowed. Contact information is not allowed in the ad text. Rentnjoy reserves the right to require compensation for costs incurred by the gross misdemeanor. Creatives may not be copied from other advertisements, then these may be protected under the Copyright Act or other legislation. Listings with only keywords in the ad copy is not accepted.

4. Links and images in ads

Links (URL) to other web pages to be entered in the relevant space on ad design and not in the ad text. Rentnjoy allows only URLs that are relevant to the ad. Links to images should be relevant to the product you’re advertising. It is not allowed to use the images or texts whose rights are owned by someone else. These may be protected under the Copyright Act or other legislation. The advertiser is responsible for ensuring that he or she has the right to use images and text.

5. The ad’s content

Rentnjoy requires that the content of the ads to be ethically correct. Advertising, for example, pornographic or political messages, prostitution, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, drugs, fighting dogs, endangered plant and animal species is not allowed. Listings on illegal goods or services are not allowed. Ads with offensive content, rogue or misleading messages, exaggerated statements or allegations are not allowed. Rentnjoy reserves the right to determine when an ad violate ad rules and has the right to remove the ad.

6. Car rental

Car rental may require permission for commercial hiring of cars, trucks, buses and off-road motor vehicles without drivers. Advertisers on Rentnjoy are solely responsible for all necessary permits are obtained.

7. Tax at rental

Income from rental of private assets is taxable income to be recognized in the declaration as capital gains tax. Examples of typical rental property is recreational boats, mobile homes and recreational cabins. All kinds of rental must however be reported. Advertiser on Rentnjoy are solely responsible for tax compliance, contact your local Tax Office for more information.

8. Changes

Rentnjoy reserves the right, without inquiry make any necessary changes or adjustments to the posted ads when deemed necessary. Such changes may be correcting spelling errors, deleting repetitions, errors or the like that only serves to improve and / or clarify the ad.

9. Languages

Rentnjoy does not allow ad texts in languages ​​other than the languages ​​offered by advertising.

These Terms have been established by M.C.WITTE of Sweden AB March 2, 2012.